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Dream Host

Best place to hold Your webpages. No limit for hard disk space or domain names. I have over 20 webpages under one account… which makes it also one of cheapest place to keep my webpages.

Mad Mimi

Great place to create and manage Your mailing lists. Very easy user interface to create e-mails. Special feature (not found other places) – multiple users who can share the same mailing lists. I use this system for Rich Dad Official CASHFLOW Clubs in Estonia.

Get Response

One of most used system to create and manage mailing lists. Has possibility without any additional pay to create e-mails that will be sent out after certain period like 7 days after joining the list and so on…

Welcome to Peeter’s Blog | The Entrepreneur on mission

At the end on 2009 this blog was born. 2009 has been a great year in personal and business life and I’m sure that 2010 will be even better. During 2009 I found my true mission and now is the time to go into World with it.

This Blog will be the prime place for me to share successes, failures and maybe some ugly parts on the way. If You are interested in entrepreneurship and business development, then You are welcome to read, comment and become part of this great journey ahead.

For a start I uploaded some previous postings I have been writing in English… from year 2007 and 2008. These were originally published at Rich Dad Underground blog.

Also, if You happen to understand Estonian, then You will find over few hundred postings in my blog at

As I have realized, it’s time to grow out of my tiny homeland Estonia, I keep on blogging in English at this Blog You currently read.

Why I sold my rent condo?

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I will give you some numbers and tell you a story behind them.
Purchase price @ 28th of September 2004: 30677 €
Down pay 30%: 9203 €
In 2004 I had Cash Flow at this property about 72 € in a month, which makes 9,38% ROI.
In 2007 before I sold it I had Cash Flow about 114 € in a month, which makes 14,86% ROI.
Quite good? Think again… I did. What I had forgot and found out in the beginning of 2007 where the prices of that kind of a Condo, which had risen drastically over this time period here in Tallinn, Estonia.
Selling price @ 13th of July 2007: 59438 €
Some money went to the broker and I had to pay back the loan, so I was left with 36365 €.
How much could this money make for me?
@ 5% interest rate it would be about 151 € in a month. (5% is the highest interest of a one year savings account in a bank what I could get here, that’s guaranteed interest)
From original investment (9203 €) it makes the ROI 19,69% (and differently from rent income it could be guaranteed and is tax free).
But in reality I have found other opportunities to lend my money to people (who I trust) and their companies with higher interest rates…